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Motörhead Bomber Album

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Bomber by Motörhead Album Cover
Album Type: 
Release Date: 
October 27, 1979
Album Description: 

Reaching number 12 in the UK Album Charts, Bomber was Motörhead's third studio album. Recorded in 1979, the same year as the Overkill album and producing some of Motörhead's most played songs, "Bomber" (See video), "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and "Stone Dead Forever".

Released as a single, "Bomber" was inspired by Len Deighton's novel of the same name which Lemmy had just read. The first 20,000 copies were pressed in blue vinyl and soon sold out with the song eventually reaching No. 34 in the UK Single Chart and earning another appearance on Top of the Pops.

Taking the theme further the band had a forty foot aluminium tube replica of a German World War ll Heinkel He 111 constructed for their live shows thereby creating another icon associated with the band. This can be seen on the cover of live album No Sleep 'till Hammersmith.

"Dead Men Tell No Tales" was the first of Lemmy's songs about heroin, the use of which he has always been very much against despite his own reputation for drink and drugs, and may well have been aimed in part at producer of the album Jimmy Miller who was progressively sinking into heroin addiction at the time.

This hard line approach carries over into other songs with rage expressed towards wives and absent fathers in "Poison", music industry financial management - "All the Aces", the police - "Lawman", and even television - "Talking Head".

It wasn't long before the band were back in the studio to record "The Ace of Spades".

All tracks composed by Ian (Lemmy) Kilmister, Phil Taylor, Eddie Clarke except where noted.

Original album

  1. "Dead Men Tell No Tales" – 3:07 See Lyrics
  2. "Lawman" – 3:56 See Lyrics
  3. "Sweet Revenge" – 4:10 See Lyrics
  4. "Sharpshooter" – 3:19 See Lyrics
  5. "Poison" – 2:54 See Lyrics
  6. "Stone Dead Forever" – 4:54 See Lyrics
  7. "All the Aces" – 3:24 See Lyrics
  8. "Step Down" – 3:41 See Lyrics
  9. "Talking Head" – 3:40 See Lyrics
  10. "Bomber" – 3:43 See Lyrics

Bonus Tracks

  1. "Over the Top" – 3:21
    • Originally released as the B-side of the single Bomber.
  2. "Leaving Here" (Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, Edward Holland) [Live] – 3:02
  3. "Stone Dead Forever [Live]" – 5:20
  4. "Dead Men Tell No Tales [Live]" – 2:54
  5. "Too Late Too Late [Live]" – 3:21
    • Tracks 12 - 15 were originally released as The Golden Years EP in 1980.

Deluxe Edition

Disc 1

  1. "Dead Men Tell No Tales" – 3:07
  2. "Lawman" – 3:56
  3. "Sweet Revenge" – 4:10
  4. "Sharpshooter" – 3:19
  5. "Poison" – 2:54
  6. "Stone Dead Forever" – 4:54
  7. "All the Aces" – 3:24
  8. "Step Down" – 3:41
  9. "Talking Head" – 3:40
  10. "Bomber" – 3:43

Disc 2

  1. "Over the Top" - 3:20
  2. "Stone Dead Forever [Alternative Version]" - 4:34
  3. "Sharpshooter" [Alternative Version]" - 3:16
  4. "Bomber [Alternative Version]" - 3:35
  5. "Step Down [Alternative Version]" - 3:29
  6. "Leaving Here [Live]" (Dozier, Holland, Holland) - 3:02
  7. "Stone Dead Forever [Live]" - 5:31
  8. "Dead Men Tell No Tales [Live]" - 2:44
  9. "Too Late Too Late [Live]" - 3:20
  10. "Step Down [Live]" - 3:49

1. Dead Men Tell No Tales


This is it!


Breaking up or breaking through,

Breaking something's all we ever do,

Shoot straight, travel far,

Stone crazy's all we ever are,

But I don't care for lies,

And I won't tell you twice,

Because when all else fails,

Dead Men Tell No Tales


Shooting up away and back,

A bit of guts is all that you lack,

Far behind the stable door,

I know you've met that horse before,

But I don't care for skag,

And this sure ain't no blag,

At the end of all the tracks and trails,

Dead Men Tell No Tales


You used to be my friend,

But that friendship's coming to an end,

My meaning must be clear,

You know pity is all that you hear,

But if you're doing smack,

You won't be coming back,

I ain't the one to make your bail,

Dead Men Tell No Tales


2. Lawman


Your evil eye, in the night,

Cruising low, flashing white,

There together, in the dark,

But it ain't no friend just another scared nark,

Lawman, I think you're a poor man


Every time you speak to me,

Makes it plain that you don't see,

What's really happening here,

You just confuse respect with fear,

Lawman, I think you're a poor man


I see you in the Crown Court,

Seems to me it's like a blood sport,

I know you live by a book of rules,

But anyone who needs a book is a fool,

Lawman, I think you're a poor man


3. Sweet Revenge


Hello victims!


I can almost taste it,

It's the need to see you die,

You thought you had it made,

Well here's your final shock surprise,

How do you like it,

My unfaithful friend?

How do you like it?

How do you like my Sweet Revenge?


Turn the key in the door,

No one close to hear you scream,

You'll never imagine the pain,

Even in you're foulest dreams,

How do you like that

Invitation friend?

How do you like that?

That's what I call my Sweet Revenge


So sweet to see you,

Writhe and crawl and scream for life,

But I can't listen now,

I'm too busy with the knife,

I don't hear you laughing,

My dismembered friend,

I don't hear you laughing,

You don't like my Sweet Revenge


4. Sharpshooter


Like a sniper, I've got my sights on you,

Windscreen wiper, there ain't no spoiling my view,

Silver bandoleer, my profession's clear,



Infra red vein, don't you come out at night,

Infra red chain, you're gonna buy your life,

Silver pistol too, with a notch for you,



You're the contract, I'm gonna nail you down,

I'm the contact, with your final round,

And I'm stalking you, and that ain't all I do,



5. Poison


People tell me you didn't know better,

Give me sermons 'bout the things I do,

Come to love 'em, even wrote letters,

You know I even asked it of you, I said,

I've been doing Poison,

I guess I poisoned my life,

I've been doing Poison,

it's better than marrying your wife


On the road, the pace is getting frantic,

Specially when your poisoned out your mind,

A flight of stairs is like swimming the Atlantic,

When you're poisoned, deaf, dumb and blind,

I take my poison,

I guess I poisoned my life,

Been doing Poison,

I wish I'd Poisoned my wife


My Father, he used to be a Preacher,

Never taught me nothing but scorn,

If I ever catch him on the street, yeah,

I'll make him wish he'd never been born,

He was Poison,

Guess he poisoned my life

He was Poison,

I wish my mother wasn't his wife, no!


6. Stone Dead Forever


You think you see me, in the glass

You think you hear me, you better listen fast,

I think I see you, gone to seed,

The only reasons, were your guilt and greed,

You're out there on your own,

Your face turned to stone,

Whatever happened to your life?

Stone Dead Forever


It's been a long time, been a long long wait,

And you've caught your fingers, in the Pearly Gates,

You'd better leave your number, and we'll call you,

You know your problems, ain't exactly new,

The wrong side of the fold,

Your touch has turned to gold,

Whatever happened to your life?

Stone Dead Forever


You're a financial wizard, a top tycoon,

A sweet lounge lizard, with a silver spoon,

You know you never had it, quite so good,

'Cos you didn't know, that you even could,

But the time has come to pay,

Turns out to have been a play,

Whatever happened to your life?

Stone Dead Forever


7. All The Aces


The only thing I know, is playing rock 'n' roll,

I'm not a business man, I'm just in a good time band,

You don't let no-one know, just where the money goes,

Because of parasites, I ain't got no rights,

All The Aces, I don't like people who ain't got no faces


You know I don't know why, you have to be so sly,

One thing I learned, I don't get what I earn,

But you get your share, though you ain't nowhere,

You get no wiser, but then I despise you,

All The Aces, don't like people who ain't got no faces


You know you're the boss, but I'm the one it costs,

Gotta see the books, you give me dirty looks,

You know you make me vomit, and I ain't far from it,

You know you can rob me, but you can't stop me,

All The Aces, don't like people who ain't got no faces


8. Step Down


Well I'll see you later, but I don't know when,

Don't know if I'm coming, coming round again,

But I don't care, that they might stare,

I know I mustn't Step Down


I ain't no beauty, but I'm a secret fox,

I'm gonna put all my presents, inside my favourite box,

And then so long, the universal song,

I know I mustn't Step Down


9. Talking Head


Don't touch that dial!


Television screams, your face turning green,

Don't listen to the news,

Don't know what you hear, they never make it clear,

They like to keep your state confused,

Propaganda time, the official line,

You're hungry, you get fed,

Everlasting smile, you must convey their style,

But they're just a Talking Head


Television voice don't give you any choice,

You only hear the man,

Don't take them in, you don't know where they been,

'Cos it's a complex plan,

They keep you nice and quiet, even control your diet,

You're hungry you get fed,

Teach you to be meek, 'til all you are is weak,

'Til you're just a Talking Head


Television screams, this ought to be a dream,

Remember what I say,

Don't be hypnotised by sugar coated lies,

Don't switch it on today,

It's the way things are, from that pickle jar,

You're hungry you get fed,

But if you play the game, you become the same,

Another Talking Head


10. Bomber


Ain't a hope in hell,

Nothing's gonna bring us down,

The way we fly,

Five miles off the ground,

Because we shoot to kill,

And you know we always will,

It's a Bomber


Scream a thousand miles,

Feel the black death rising moan,

Firestorm coming closer,

Napalm to the bone,

Because, you know we do it right,

A mission every night,

It's a Bomber


No night fighter,

Gonna stop us getting through,

The sirens make you shiver,

You bet my aim is true,

Because, you know we aim to please,

Bring you to your knees,

It's a Bomber


Our thanks to Rock Music Society member Andy J for providing his understanding of the lyrics to this album which are provided for educational purposes only. Actual lyrics are the property of the copyright owners.