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Motörhead Better Motörhead than Dead: Live at Hammersmith

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Better Motörhead than Dead Album Cover
Album Type: 
Release Date: 
July 16 2007
Album Description: 

A recording of Motörhead's 30th anniversary show at the Hammersmith Apollo on 16 June 2005, released on 16 July 2007.

Track listing

All songs written by Eddie Clarke, Lemmy Kilmister, and Phil Taylor, except where noted.

Disc 1

  1. "Dr. Rock" (Michael Burston, Philip Campbell, Pete Gill, Lemmy Kilmister)
  2. "Stay Clean"
  3. "Shoot You In The Back"
  4. "Love Me Like A Reptile"
  5. "Killers" (Campbell, Mikkey Dee, Kilmister)
  6. "Metropolis"
  7. "Love For Sale" (Campbell, Dee, Kilmister)
  8. "Over The Top"
  9. "No Class"
  10. "I Got Mine" (Kilmister, Brian Robertson, Taylor)
  11. "In The Name Of Tragedy" (Campbell, Dee, Kilmister)
  12. "Dancing On Your Grave" (Kilmister, Robertson, Taylor)

Disc 2

  1. "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." (Burston, Campbell, Kilmister, Taylor)
  2. "Sacrifice" (Burston, Campbell, Dee, Kilmister)
  3. "Just 'Cos You Got the Power" (Burston, Campbell, Kilmister, Taylor)
  4. "(We Are) The Road Crew"
  5. "Going To Brazil" (Burston, Campbell, Kilmister, Taylor)
  6. "Killed By Death" (Burston, Campbell, Gill, Kilmister)
  7. "Iron Fist"
  8. "Whorehouse Blues" (Campbell, Dee, Kilmister)
  9. "Bomber"
  10. "Ace Of Spades"
  11. "Overkill"


  • Philip Campbell - guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Mikkey Dee - drums, acoustic guitar
  • Lemmy Kilmister - bass guitar, harmonica, vocals