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Motörhead Another Perfect Day Album

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Motörhead's Another Perfect Day Album Cover
Album Type: 
Release Date: 
June 4, 1983
Album Description: 

After the departure of "Fast" Eddie Clarke, mid tour, citing musical differences following Lemmy's duet on Tammy Wynette's "Stand by Your Man" with Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics, Lemmy and Philthy Animal Taylor started making urgent phone calls to possible replacements. One was to ex Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson who agreed to help out and with only five days rehearsal joined Motörhead on the road. He subsequently signed up to a one album deal which resulted in Another Perfect Day, which whilst being highly acclaimed by the critics was not as big a hit with the record buying public, reaching only 20 in the UK album charts compared to the previous two studio albums Ace of Spades and Iron Fist which reached number 4 and 6 respectively and the live album No Sleep 'till Hammersmith which made it to number one.

Track 2 Shine was released as a single on 7" and 12" vinyl. The B-side is "(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man", recorded live at Sheffield University and Manchester Apollo on June 9/June 10, 1983. The 12" vinyl had a live bonus track, "Don't Need Religion". Both B-sides appear as bonus tracks on the CD reissue of Another Perfect Day.

Another Perfect Day original album track listing

All songs written by Lemmy (Ian) Kilminster, Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor and Brian Robertson except where stated.
  1. "Back at the Funny Farm" ("Fast Eddie" Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor) – 4:14 See Lyrics
  2. "Shine" – 3:11 See Lyrics
  3. "Dancing on Your Grave" – 4:29 See Lyrics
  4. "Rock It" (Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor) – 3:55 See Lyrics
  5. "One Track Mind" – 5:55 See Lyrics
  6. "Another Perfect Day" – 5:29 See Lyrics
  7. "Marching Off to War" – 4:11 See Lyrics
  8. "I Got Mine" (Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor) – 5:24 See Lyrics
  9. "Tales of Glory" – 2:56 See Lyrics
  10. "Die You Bastard" (Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor) – 4:25 See Lyrics

Bonus Tracks

  1. "Turn You Round Again" – 3:57
    • Originally released as the B-side of "I Got Mine".
  2. "(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man" (Willie Dixon) [Live] – 6:31
  3. "(Don't Need) Religion" (Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor) [Live] – 2:54
    • Tracks 12 and 13 originally released as B-sides of Shine.

Deluxe Edition

In 2006, the album was re-issued with a bonus CD, featuring a live performance, recorded in Manchester on June 10, 1983. The writing credits for the songs on the deluxe edition differed from those on the original, crediting all songs to Robertson, Lemmy, and Taylor.

Disc 1

  1. "Back at the Funny Farm" – 4:14
  2. "Shine" – 3:11
  3. "Dancing on Your Grave" – 4:29
  4. "Rock it" – 3:55
  5. "One Track Mind" – 5:55
  6. "Another Perfect Day" – 5:29
  7. "Marching off to War" – 4:11
  8. "I Got Mine" – 5:24
  9. "Tales of Glory" – 2:56
  10. "Die You Bastard!" -
  11. "Turn You Round Again" (single B-Side) -

Disc 2

  1. "Back at the Funny Farm" [live]
  2. "Tales of Glory" [live]
  3. "Heart of Stone" [live] (Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor)
  4. "Shoot You in the Back" [live] (Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor)
  5. "Marching off to War" [live]
  6. "Iron Horse/Born to Lose" [live] (Taylor, Mick Brown, Guy Lawrence)
  7. "Another Perfect Day" [live]
  8. "(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man" [live] (Dixon) - 6:31
  9. "(Don't Need) Religion" [live] (Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor) - 2:54
  10. "One Track Mind" [live]
  11. "Go to Hell" [live] (Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor)
  12. "America" [live] (Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor)
  13. "Shine" [live]
  14. "Dancing on Your Grave" [live]
  15. "Rock it" [live]
  16. "I Got Mine" [live]
  17. "Bite the Bullet" [live] (Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor)
  18. "The Chase Is Better Than the Catch" [live] (Clarke, Lemmy, Taylor)

Another Perfect Day Album Credits

  • Lemmy – bass, vocals
  • Brian Robertson – guitar, piano on "Rock It"
  • Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor – drums
  • Joe Petagno – sleeve artwork

1. Back At The Funny Farm


Hammer pounding in my heart, I think it's gonna burst

Spring unwinding in my head, I don't know which is worse

I hear ya talkin' but the words are kinda strange

One of us is crazy and the other one's insane



Stay calm, don't be alarmed, it's just a holiday

Back at the funny farm


Nothin' in this cold white room to help me recognise

I don't understand why everyone is in disguise

I gotta live right now, I can't stay here no more

But I'm afraid to try in case they've locked the door



Can't find the windows but I gotta get outside

Can you help me stand it feels like both my legs have died

What was that injection, 'cos I think it's goin' wrong

I really like this jacket but the sleeves are much too long




2. Shine


Hard time gettin' to ya babe

Double take, figure real rough trade

But you know I'm a real good lover

Can't judge a book by the cover

I know, and you know I know

Can't trust your intuition no more


Look good and I make you smile

Bet ya thought I wouldn't have no style

I'm gonna turn your head around

Won't know til you hit the ground

Gonna change the way you feel

I'm gonna roll ya like a wheel



High life, I'm a fool for you

Low life, like to break the rules

First bite, you know I got a taste for you

I'm gonna make you shine


Be a switch to say the last

My beauty gonna meet your beast

Comin' over and shake your tree

My body gonna set you free

I know, and you know it's true

More over I'm comin' through




It's over and I got you down

Gonna chase you round and round

Mess around with the way you feel

Gonna offer you a whole new deal

Gonna lay it on ya just for kicks

Down on ya like a ton of bricks




3. Dancing On Your Grave


I know you thought you're a real operator

But I don't know why

All you had was a bankroll, babe

And a glint in your eye

I'm a high-steppin' like an indian brave

I'm the one

Dancing on your grave


You know I'm a killer babe

Here's late news for you

You couldn't buy me with a million, babe

I'm too good for you

I'm know you think I'm real rough trade

Now I'm the one

Dancing on your grave


One time you was a real high-stepper

On the high trapeze

But you know you ran out of money

Wound up on your knees

I'm the one you never made

Now I'm the one

Dancing on your grave


4. Rock It


Rock'n'roll, save your soul

An' I got it

Give it to me, loud and free

Don't knock it

Let me hear 'til the end of time

It's the only way

Send shivers up and down your spine

You can't stop it



I'm tellin' one more time

It ain't no crime

Rock it


It's the only way to fly

Gotta have it

Break thru gonna break you too

Better grab it

Let me hear it 'til the end of time

It's the only way

It'll stop you on a dime

Gotta have it




Rock'n'roll music gonna stop the world

Can't lose it

It'll make your toenails curl

Can't defuse it

Let me hear it all the time

It's the only way

Gonna make ya feel alright

You can't excuse it




5. One Track Mind


One arm bandit, one way ride

One arm bandit, one more try

One way ticket, one horse town

One way ticket, no way down



One track mind, one track mind

One track mind, one track mind


Two lane highway, two hand car

Two lane highway, too damned far

Two faced women, two time guys

Two faced women, two black eyes




Three time loser, break the law

Three time loser, two bit whore

Three ring circus, free form show

Three ring circus, way to go




6. Another Perfect Day


Out to lunch, speak your piece

Good and drunk, back on the street

What you see is what you get

No matter what you say

No time for anything to take the pain away

You sure ain't the chosen few

You sure turned trick or two

You pulled the deuce this time

Another perfect day


Golden boy, take a chance

You're a clockwork toy, you're a dime a dance

The truth is only black and white

No shade of grey

It's easy answers babe

But it's the hell to pay

You know it's just the same for you

Ain't nothin' you can do

No chance to change it now

Another perfect day


Total war, blow your stack

Say no more, you know you can't go back

You're acting dumb babe, you don't know

The places you can go

You know you tell the truth in a different way

No court of law would find for you

No matter what you do

Could be the perfect crime

Another perfect day


7. Marching Off To War


Another battle's over, it's a million soldiers

Never rise again, we lost a million friends

Don't try to understand, if you weren't there

You felt different then, marching off to war




Show no quarter, delight in slaughter

Up for your last long ride, maybe God's on the other



Don't need no vindication, fight for the nation

You know you're going to hell, but you wear it well

You'll never understand if you weren't there

You felt different then, marching off to war




8. I Got Mine


Here's the story, there's only me

No other place for you to be

It's only you babe, it's only you

I can't believe the things you do

Right now, right here

Ain't gonna let you disappear

Right now, this time, you got yours and I got mine


Come on baby, go back to start

I got your picture in my heart

It's only me babe, it's only me

Refuse, disposal, refugee

Rock'n'Roll you just might be my new career

Rock'n'Roll you just might be my new career


Come on baby, come on with me

You got me fallin out my tree

Be my lover, the number one

Be my friend but don't be gone

Nobody gonna interfere


9. Tales Of Glory


I can't believe the tales you tell me

I ain't buyin' the stuff you sell me

Hey baby, I'm tellin' ya what

You think I'm sold, baby I'm not

You tell me, tales of glory

But I know, whoa babe, it's the same old story


You think I'm gonna fall for you

You reckon that I'm goin' right thru

But I ain't no adolescent

I'm just gonna keep your guessing

You ain't gonna stitch me up

You'll find that I'm real bad luck

I'm gonna leave you babe

But think of the money you'll save

You tell me, tales of glory

But I know whoa babe it's the same old story


Leave me out, leave me out

Sick and tired without a doubt

Get me out, get me out

Get me out of here


Endlessly, endlessly

You mouth won't set me free

Endlessly, endlessly

Rabbit in my ear


10. Die You Bastard


You can smell the danger, watch your step

See the frienly stranger stretch your neck

Keep them in the dark, now, it's alright

You know they only come out at night



Your shadows alive, it breathes at your side

Got no place to hide, be with you 'til the day you die


You can hear the rumors, shut your mouth

Deal with the misfits, wipe 'em out

Search in all the bedrooms, use your head

Listen to your conscience, wake the dead




Mother kiss a vampire, shut the door

Rats in all the rooms, babe, hit the floor

I think it's a gamble, but what's your sign

Upway at the downside, stay in line




Our thanks to Rock Music Society member Andy J for providing his understanding of the lyrics to this album which are provided for educational purposes only. Actual lyrics are the property of the copyright owners.