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Motörhead On Parole Album

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Motörhead On Parole Album Cover
Album Type: 
Release Date: 
December, 1979 (Recorded 1975)
United Artists
Album Description: 

We have put On Parole first in this discography as it is all new material recorded at the earliest date in Motörhead's career, although due to United Artists lack of confidence in its potential for commercial success it was not actually released untill four years later, two years after the Motörhead album and after the further success of the Overkill and Bomber albums on the Chiswick and Bronze labels.

This reportedly did not go down well with the band who had since re-recorded and released the material elsewhere with a different and more stable line up (mostly on the Motörhead album with "Fast" Eddie Clarke on guitar) and felt that UA were just trying to cash in on their subsequent hard won recognition having not had the balls to support them in the first place.

On Parole featured Lemmy (as always) on bass, lead and backing vocals, Larry Wallis (ex The Pink Fairies) on guitar, lead and backing vocals and initially Lucas Fox on drums, although he was later replaced by Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor who Lemmy had pursuaded one day into giving him a lift to the Rockford studios where the album was recorded. Taylor proceded to overdub all of the tracks originally laid down by Fox with the exception of "Lost Johnny" due to being held in police custody, drunk and disorderly, during the scheduled session. (EMI's 1997 re-release of Overkill includes bonus tracks of Fox's versions of "On Parole", "City Kids", "Motorhead" and "Leaving Here" as produced by the artist Dave Edmunds who later relinquished his role to Fritz Fryer (known as "Fat" by the band) who engineered the final release of the original album).

It is thought that it may have been just this sort of upheaval that discouraged United Artists from going ahead at the time.

Album track listing

Side 1

  1. "Motörhead" (Ian Kilmister) – 2:57 See lyrics
  2. "On Parole" (Larry Wallis) – 5:38 See lyrics
  3. "Vibrator" (Wallis, Des Brown) – 2:53 See lyrics
  4. "Iron Horse/Born to Lose" (Phil Taylor, Mick Brown, Guy "Tramp" Lawrence) – 5:17 See lyrics

Side 2

  1. "City Kids" (Wallis, Duncan Sanderson) – 3:43 See lyrics
  2. "Fools" (Wallis, D.Brown) – 5:35 See lyrics
  3. "The Watcher" (Kilmister) – 4:50 See lyrics
  4. "Leaving Here" (Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, Edward Holland) – 2:56 See lyrics
  5. "Lost Johnny" (Kilmister, Mick Farren) – 3:31 See lyrics

CD reissue Bonus Tracks

  1. "On Parole" (Wallis) [Alternate Take] – 6:58
  2. "City Kids" (Wallis, Sanderson) [Alternate Take] – 3:48
  3. "Motorhead" (Kilmister) [Alternate Take] – 2:48
  4. "Leaving Here" (Holland, Dozier, Holland) [Alternate Take] – 3:01


  • Lemmy (Ian Kilmister) – bass, lead vocals, backing vocals
  • Larry Wallis – guitar, lead vocals ("Vibrator", "Fools"), backing vocals
  • Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor – drums
  • Lucas Fox – drums on "Lost Johnny"
  • Fritz Fryer -producer
Our thanks to Rock Music Society member Andy J for providing his understanding of the lyrics to this album which are provided for educational purposes only. Actual lyrics are the property of the copyright owners.

1. Motorhead

Sunrise, wrong side of another day,

Sky high and six thousand miles away,

Don't know how long I've been awake,

Wound up in an amazing state,

Can't get enough,

And you know it's righteous stuff,

Goes up like prices at Christmas,

Motorhead, you can call me Motorhead, alright


Brain dead, total amnesia,

Get some mental anasthesia,

Don't move, I'll shut the door and kill the lights,

And if I can't be wrong I could be right,

All good clean fun,

Have another stick of gum,

Man, you look better already,

Motorhead, remember me now Motorhead, alright


Fourth day, five day marathon,

We're moving like a parallelogram,

Don't move, I'll shut the door and kill the lights,

I guess I'll see you all on the ice,

I should be tired,

And all I am is wired,

Ain't felt this good for an hour,

Motorhead, remember me now, Motorhead alright


2. On Parole

They locked me up, put me away,

Said "You're gonna get out in forever and a day"

I didn't know what was going on,

All I was doing was looking for fun,

Forgot the reason, that's what I'm told,

But you've gotta get it in before you get old,

They thought they had me, had me for keeps,

But they don't know this boy never sleeps,

I'm back on the streets again,

I'm back on my feet again,

I'm On Parole, On Parole


I like laugh, I like a joke,

It's not my fault if my sense of humour broke,

I tried to tell them I was sick,

They said they think it was some kind of a trick,

Alright, I would have done good,

If they had listened to me like they should,

I wouldn't have this loaded gun,

Looking for a citizen to kill just for fun,

It's good to be free again,

It's good to be me again,

I'm On Parole, On Parole


Stop me now before I kill myself,

Stop me before I kill somebody else!


You'd better watch out, you never know,

Who's going to be the next to go,

Night my friend, but it ain't yours,

Fixes the odds, evens the scores,

Just turn around, I won't go wrong,

When he hits the ground I'll be long gone,

They won't suspect me, no not a soul,

'Cos I'm a good boy I'm On Parole,

I'm raising my sights again,

I'm claiming my rights again,

I'm On Parole, On Parole


Stop me now before I kill myself,

Stop me now, or get somebody else


3. Vibrator

Larger than life, sharper than a knife,

Ever ready for the time,

Slick and smooth I'm bound to improve your mood,

And make you feel fine,

Reach for me, I'm ready and how

I'm really starting to buzz,

Your feeling comes, I'm starting to hum,

I can do it like nothing else does,


You're never alone when I'm around

You can always rely on me,

I'm a friend, my love won't bend,

And that I can guarantee,

Straight and true and all for you,

I'm so eager to please,

Stick with me and I'll keep you free,

From any nasty disease,

'Cos I'm a Vibrator,

Pleased to make a start,

Vibrator, with a powerpack for a heart


Check my heart before you start,

I don't wanna blow no fuse,

New battery, is that for me?

That's something I could really use,

Power surge I get the urge,

To do my legendary thing,

The stars in your eyes don't tell no lies,

I know your bells are starting to ring,

'Cos I'm a Vibrator,

Pleased to make a start,

Vibrator, with a powerpack for a heart


Vibrator! Vibrator!


Wasn't that good, now wasn't that nice?

Now see we get along real fine,

I knew I was the boy for you,

When you came for the second time,

Clean me up, put me away,

You know you need the rest,

I'll be here when next you need me,

I've never ever failed the test,

'Cos I'm a Vibrator,

Pleased to make a start,

Vibrator, with a powerpack for a heart

I'm a Vibrator,

Pleased to make a start,

I'm a Vibrator,

And I'll never ever break your heart


4. Iron Horse / Born To Lose

He rides a road, that don't have no end,

An open highway, without any bends,

Tramp and his stallion, alone in a dream,

Proud in his colours, as the chromium gleams,

On Iron Horse he flies, on Iron Horse he gladly dies,

Iron Horse his wife, Iron Horse his life


He lives his life, he's living it fast,

Don't try to hide, when the dice have been cast,

He rides a whirlwind, that cuts to the bone,

Loaded forever, and righteously stoned,

On Iron Horse he flies, on Iron Horse he gladly dies,

Iron Horse his wife, Iron Horse his life


Yeah, slide it to me!


One day one day, they'll go for the sun,

Together they'll slide, on the eternal run,

Wasted forever, on speed bikes and booze,

Yeah tramp and the brothers, all born to lose,

On Iron Horse he flies, on Iron Horse he gladly dies,

Iron Horse his wife, Iron Horse his life


5. City Kids

Nobody knows,

I know nobody cares what goes on in here,

We have this door,

Nobody gets in until I'm really sure,

Don't creep up behind me,

You know where to find me I'm always around,

Turns out if you need us, before you lead us astray


Don't care who we meet,

We're orphans here on Easy Street and we feel real mean,

Cruising on speed,

We've got more than we'll ever need, ain't life sweet?

We won't turn your pay down,

City Kids don't lay down, we don't call so,

Better get some more of that,

City Kids we don't give that to you, oh no


Bombs go off at night,

Searing heat, blinding light, you like it fine,

Park the car and run,

Dance all night, it was for fun, we're nasty, hahahaha!

Why do we do it,

No-one can get through it we know where to run,

You hear what we're saying,

Time that you were praying 'cos,

City Kids time, won't be long,


Won't be long, no it won't be long!


6. Fools

This is a song for all you managers and agents out there.

Are ya listening? Good!


They take your money, break your soul,

They say it's only rock 'n' roll,

They think they're cool to wheel and deal,

Without a thought to how we feel,

They pick you up and drop you flat,

Then tell you life can be like that,

You blew it all the day you signed,

Your stupid name on some dotted line,

We hate the men, who make the rules,

The ones who always try so hard to make us look like Fools!


They say we need them it ain't true,

The music's down to me and you,

We play their games, play real nice,

We gotta hear their dumb advice

We hate the men, who make the rules,

The ones who always try so hard to make us look like Fools!


So many lies, they get confused,

You start to feel you're being used,

If ten percent is all they take,

What happens to all the bread you make?

Every day it gets a little harder,

Just to keep on keeping on,

Do we really need all this bullshit,

So long now all the thrill has gone,

We hate the men, who make the rules,

The ones who always try so hard to make us look like Fools!


It's so hard to make us look like you!


7. The Watcher

We are looking in on you now,

What do you think you can do now,

It's very small from way out here,

The last thing you will feel is fear,

Give you a chance to do the right thing,

Give you a chance to do the bright thing,

Now our sense is all disgusted,

Where you're from you can't be trusted,


Where I come from no-one smiles,

Every inch exists in miles,

Still it's cool relaxed and calm,

Sitting here on the Funny Farm,


World in prison screams in pain,

There are no leaders you can blame,

Human greed destroys your sphere,

And there's no room for you out here,

You're on your own now.


8. Leaving Here

Hey, fellows have you heard the news,

The women in this town are being misused,

Seen it all in a dream last night,

You'll be leaving this town 'cause you don't feel right,

'Cos I'm Leaving, Leaving Here


Hey fellows, better change your ways,

Or they'll be leaving this town in a matter of days,

They all say, and everything's so true,

We fellows run around with someone new,

'Cos I'm Leaving, Leaving Here,


Yeah, one by one, yeah two by two,

Yeah three by three, yeah four by four


Hey fellows, better change your ways,

Or they'll be leaving this town in a matter of days,

One day, one day and it won't be long,

And all them fine chicks will be gone,

'Cos I'm Leaving, Leaving Here,


Yeah two by two, yeah four by four,

Oh yeah, I'm Leaving Here


9. Lost Johnny

You only get a single chance

The rules are very plain,

The truth is well concealed inside

The details of the game,

You can hear it coming,

You can see it from afar,

It's pale and it glimmers

Like a faded movie star


And out there in the castle,

They're trying to make her scream,

By sticking thumb tacks in her flesh

And cancelling her dreams

Can you find the Valium,

Can you bring them soon,

Lost Johnny's out there,

Baying at the moon


The time has come for you to choose,

You'd better get it right,

Smiling girls with sharp white teeth

Are waiting in the night,

But you want to really get some,

It surely can't be hard,

There's always trouble lurking

When you leave your own backyard


Underneath the city,

The alligators sing,

Of how the fool he cannot dance,

Since someone cuts the strings,

Can you find the morphine,

Try to be so brief,

Lost Johnny's out there,

Looking for relief


That laddie looks so evil,

And you know he really tries,

But every time he makes a play,

That vital number dies,

And Sally buys her underwear,

From a store where no-one goes,

She makes it big in photographs,

On the strength of what she shows,


And here inside the waiting room,

The radio still screams,

And we're shooting children,

To murder all young things,

Can you find your credit card,

For god's sake make it quick,

Lost Johnny's out there,

Trying to turn a trick